This post is helpful for female event organisers who are looking for solutions such as event management software and venues event management tools.

As you do your research for an effective event management software, you may be faced with the dilemma of narrowing down your choices. This can be very difficult, especially with the number of good options out there! This post gives you tips on how to scrutinize potential candidates based on one very important criterion when investing in a software: customer service.

There’s nothing more frustrating than using an event management solution and not getting the kind of support you are entitled to as a paying customer. Here are three ways to know that a provider is heavily invested in its clients:

  1. They reply promptly to your questions.

The very first step when wanting to try out a product is to contact the provider via email or phone. You should tell them that you are interested in their solution and that you would want to find out how much it would cost you. Observe the language that they use this early in the business conversation. Do they reply promptly and in a friendly manner when addressing your requests? Do they sound polite over the phone? It’s a red flag to trust people who cannot communicate well with potential clients when looking for corporate event management solutions.

  1. They are willing to give you a free trial or demo of their product.

Another way to know that a provider is truly invested in customer service is when they give you the chance to try out or explore their product without reservations. Before you make any big decision, you should gain enough understanding on how a certain event management software works. Try to ask if it’s possible to get a free trial. If this is not possible, check if you can get a free demo instead. A product expert should be able to demonstrate to you how the different features of the software can help you in organizing events.

  1. They do not overdo sales.

Last but not the least, good event management software providers do not overdo sales. They do not call your office thrice a day to find out if you’re interested to buy their product. Everything should be conducted with grace. They should give you space to think about your options and to consider why they should be your ultimate pick from tens of other providers. Try to read in between the lines as well; see if they use welcoming language and if they will still take care of you after you have signed a contract. Ongoing customer support has to be afforded to clients like yourself.

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